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Heading back to the top

Heading back to the top:  Al Snow regains his old form!

By Brian Lutz

Sept. 27, 1999

First off, many apologies for the title of this article. I really had to work the word "head" in there somewhere, and that's all I could think of.

Anyway, as we all saw at Unforgiven (and by "all," I mean those people that paid for the show), Al Snow has finally rediscovered Head. That is, the disembodied mannequin head that defined Snow's career rebirth has officially returned, and in my opinion, it's about time.

It's been no secret that Al Snow has been one of my favorite superstars for quite a while. The thing is, I was never really taken with Snow's bizarre decent into madness over the last few months.

In many ways, the oddness almost took away from Snow's luster as a superstar. Rather than being thought of as an eccentric, yet hugely talented superstar, Snow was quickly becoming way too wacky for the common fan to relate to.

Pierre and Pepper both provided some great comedic moments, but they also caused many casual observers to consider Snow as a less than serious threat to any of the Federation's titleholders.