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Second Al meeting

Thursday 4/15/99 I could'nt sleep so I got up at 4:00 in the morning and got ready for what was to be another very long day.

The WWF was once again in town and I was hoping to once again meet up with Mr.Snow,this time we had tickets and were ready to go.

So I showered and shaved and wrote Al a little letter asking him what I should do about promoters e-mailing me asking if Al could work their shows,e-mails from friends looking for him ect ect,I also added all the artwork I had made for the HEAD,and was ready to pass this envelope on to anybody if I was not to see Al.

This little adventure was not as chilling at the one in January,in fact it was a Sunny day which we would pay for in the end.

I let Rose sleep till around 7:00 at which time I got her up and she got ready

By say 8:00- 8:30 we were out of the house on our way to the Key Arena,which if you have never been to Seattle is in the Seattle Center where the Space Needle is.

From our house the Center is no more then say 5 miles away,so its a 5-10 minute trip if that,we headed south and stoped first at Dennys for Breakfast.

We were thinking about going all the way downtown to see if we coud find where they were staying but we were not sure so we Did'nt try

After eating we went down the block and found parking at the Center

We walked around the Key arena until we found were the Wrestlers were to drive in,Rose and I were the first ones there,which was around 9:00-915,the guard told us that the Wrestlers would not show up till 3:00 in the afternoon,"yea right" we thought,so we set up camp for the day,soon two other male fans showed up and camped next to us

10:00 rolled around,no Wrestlers,11:00 rolled around,no Wrestlers,in the mean time some other fans showed up,one being this lady that had e-mailed me before about her artwork,I can't remember her name,but some of her artwork is on the Boston Crab page.

At the same time there was another female fan eyeing Rose and I from the other side of the sidewalk,She turned out to be one of the Brides of Kane, Denice,aka Phenom's Lady,her and Rose had a great time chatting away and picking on me because I told them that the WWF should have Undertaker grow Horns,Denice locked my arms so that Rose could punch me,hey,it was getting pretty damn boring out there,lol.

1:00,2:00,3:00,rolled around and no sign of any Wrestlers,By this time there was a good bunch of fans hanging around,at maybe 3:00 a white car pulls up to the Driveway,it's Al,Blue Meanie,and somebody in the back,Al as he drove up pointed at me as if to say"Wayne!dude!",Al had to stop the car to tell the guard who he was so I taped on the Blue Meanies window,Blue rolled the window down and I passed my Artwork and note into the car for Al to have,I then said to the Meanie,which was pretty markish"What cha doing here I heard you were fired!",duh!maybe I shoud'nt a said that,but I did and I can't take it back now,must always remember that Wrestlers are the same as you and I,but I'd say I blow that rule

Al then said"Hey Wayne how you doing?"I told him I was doing alright,at which point Al said he was going to drop off who ever was in the back seat,then he would come back around,which he did

He had his window rolled down and we chatted about what was in my note,He admited that he had not gotten to his e-mail which at this point is at least backloged to last January and maybe behond,lol.

We chatted about the firings of some of the Wrestler which Al just had to say was one of thse things,we also chatted about how he has Wrestled 12 times for that Hardcore belt,at which we both had to laugh,I was also wondering if he and any promo photos of himself as Shinobi or Avatar,at first he thought I was talking about a new promo photo of which he looked in his bag but did not find one,I told him that there was only one photo on line of him as Avatar,which as far as I know is true,and that there are zero photos of him on line as Shinobi,he then told me he didnt have any promo photos of Avatar or Shinobi,so I told him that I guessed that I would have to spend some money and buy a tape of him of when he Wrestled Shawn on Raw,and that I would have to buy the bootleg tape of the Bodyslammers matches where he was Shinobi,he told me that was a good tape

At this point I told him we had been out there since 8:30,he said"Man thats crazy",we laughed about it,then he said him and Meanie were going to get dinner,I asked him if when he came back if we could shot some photos of him and I together for the HEAD,he told me that we could do that when he got back,it sounded good to me,so off they went.

When they were gone I dont think any other Wrestlers came by,and Al and Meanie were gone for what seemed like an hour,hour and a half,when they pulled up again,once again Al points at me,they drive down the ramp,never to be seen again till their spots in the show

I felt forgoten,but how do I know why the photos did'nt happen,could of been too long of a dinner,he forgot? who knows,but I have to say it hurt my feelings.

So we move forward to the next day,Mankind is doing autographs at the local Hooters,So I figured I would take a trip up north of Seattle and get old Micks autograph again,and maybe just maybe I could get a little even for getting my feelings hurt,so my fist stop was a junk yard where I picked up an ashtray for my car which was kidnaped by some drunks maybe, months back,my second stop was Toys R Us where I picked up the Al and Mankind tag team action figures,then it was on to Hooters,I must say,they dont call it hooters for nothing.

So my thinking here was to get even,I was hoping Mick had a 8x10 that he was selling so that I could have him sign it"Al Snow sucks" or "Al Snow Sock-o's love Mick,something like that so I could stick it on the main page,lol

Ok,so anyway when I get to Hooters once again its camp out day,Rose did'nt go cuz her nose got really burned from the campout the day before

So to get autographs they passed out numbers to all standing in line I was number 88 and it was only 10:30,signings did'nt start till 12:30,so at 11:00 they let everyone in so I had lunch,a Steak sandwhich if you must know,and then played the waiting game,Sometime around 12:00 Mick and some people who had won lunch with Mick in a radio contest showed up,oh great now Mick gets lunch first,ok the mans got to eat right??Around 12:30 everyone with tickets had to go back outside the store and wait for Mick to eat his Oysters,some kid gooking at Mick watching him eat said it was Osters.

At about 12:40 the line started moving,when I got to Mick I think he might have remembered me from before cuz he kind a gave me this look,anyway,so I said to Mick as he was signing(he didnt have an 8x10...damn)"Tell Al thanks for photos,he totaly blow me off"At which point Mick said"which Al??Al Snow?"I moved to the other side of the signing table out of the way and Mick said"What did Al do?" so I repeated my story,I then said,half in a angery way half in a joking way,"yea tell Al Wayne says he sucks",as Im in my car driving up the freeway I had to laugh at myself for being such a mark,but hey if someone says they will do something they shoud do it right?? or at least have someone come and tell me why it coud'nt happen,know what I mean?

Ok back to the house show itself,Al's match was against D-lo in which Al lost when D-lo picked up Al into the lowdown for the pin,which was all good because I have read that at house shows Al beats up on HEAD which is what happened

Click here to see photos of the match

We then got to see Al come out a second time and stop Val from getting that damn Hardcore belt,which I did'nt get any photos because of a mean rotten staff person that busted me for using my flash,but you know,all in all it was a very busy two days,but I'm ready for the next time the WWF comes to town,go figure


Rose and I after having some time to sit down and look over her video tape,we found that there were some good potos we could use of Al and I chatting,once again all you can see of me is the back of my head,which is why I wanted to get a photo of me and Al together,oh well,heres the photos...enjoy

your webmaster Wayne

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