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Tony Rizzotte

Dear, Webmaster Wayne or should I say "HEADmaster" Wayne

What’s up, I'm glad to see that Al will finally get all the recognition he deserves with your site. I met Al in Wildwood, NJ about a year ago when he was just coming back into the WWF after his run in ECW and I must say the guy is great. At the time when I met Al he had Head still around with him and I had to ask head for his autograph now most people would consider that weird but what the hell it was Al Snow. The only thing was when I met Al he greeted me with a thumb down instead of a hand shake, at first I didn't know what it meant until he told me that’s the handshake for the J.O.B squad in which I was wearing a shirt for. So I guess you can Its official I'm in the squad. Oh well, thanks allot for making the page. It's great! Also in case you haven't heard Al and Mick are the new WWF tag champions! Whoo hoo!


Tony Rizzotte


When I am able to find a scanner to scan my picture I will send you my picture of Al and I so you van add it to the rest of the fellow J.O.B Squaders