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Rookies to Legends

Rookies to Legends


Derived from the religion of Hinduism,the meaning of Avatar translates into a "god's" coming to earth in bodily form."As mysterious as that explanation may seem,the spectacular new superstars meaning and motives may go even well beyond that.Perhaps even well into a dimension unknown to mortal man.

With the likeness of a street fighter in a virtual realty video game.Avatar lights up his opponents in hand-to-hand combat thaat is anything but mortal!With an arsenal that consists of a repertoire of lighting kicks and thunderous blows,the colorful super-hero demonstrates speed and power that is unheard of even in the land of Marvel and DC Comics!Immediately following his first appearance on Monday Night Raw back in October,Federation fans were in a buzz over ths new sensation.Not only did they want to know more about Avatar-who he was and where he came from-but the question that may have loomed the largest of all was:What was the meaning behind his colorful mask?

You see,unlike any other normal superhero,Avatar doesn't just wear a mask to the ring:he CARRIES it to the squared circle.It's only moments befor the match begins that he positions the war garb over his face in preparation to compete.Then,once the war is settled,he methodiclly re-moves it from his being and walks triumphantly from the battle zone.

To date,the meaning of this rather odd ritual remains unclear.Does the amazing Avatar draw some kind of magical,mystical power from the mask?Or does he simply use it as a psychological weapon to gain the advantage over his adversaries?

As of press time,the mystery of Avatar remains just that:however,many critics speculate that it will only be a matter of time before the truth unfolds!STAT TUNED!SAME AVATAR TIME!SAME AVATAR CHANNEL!

WWF Magazine Febuary of 1996