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101 Resons

The Trendsetter Press: 101 Reasons to Like Al Snow

27th Edition.

101 Reasons to Like Al Snow

You know something? Sometimes, when I look at Al Snow, I see a lot of Mick Foley. To make it short, Al makes anyone watchable, and didn't Mick Foley do a lot of that with The Rock, Triple-H and to a lesser extent, The Big Show?

For the early part of his WWF career, although Mick was part of some heavy angles, he never got credit for being an excellent mic worker, whereas today, he's acknowledged as one of the best, if not the best, in close contention with The Rock and maybe Gangrel.

Okay, just kidding about Gangrel. At any rate, I think Al Snow is just the same. Think back to the time when he was paired with Foley, and he was beginning on a program with The Rock (which sadly, never materialized into a PPV match).

On a 1999 episode of RAW, the Rock suggest Mick and Al better read "The Rock Says" when it comes out in January. Barely heard is Al Snow's reply, "Yeah, sure, I got 5 minutes." The subtlety and ease at which Al replied was classic, and that's the kind of thing that tells he he's being wasted while people like Chyna are pushed. Mick Foley, too, is known for his clever remarks.

Remember the interminable "This is your life" segment? Mick says of Rock's Home Ec. teacher, "she may have been the first to truly smell what The Rock was cooking." But Al Snow isn't just smart-ass remarks.

Al Snow succeeded at something that Val Venis, Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, not even Blue Meanie could do, and that was get Steve Blackman over. Head Cheese, as the duo of Snow and Blackman is called, has provided some the funniest moments seen on Raw. Think about them in no particular order: Ben Franklin, Mr. Personality, Steve at a Nightclub, Steve with a cheese-head... You know, with what he had to work with, Al Snow probably accomplished as much as anyone could have.

Al Snow's good in the ring, but make no bones about it, he's an even better entertainer. It's too bad no one in the WWF booking committee realizes it.